Who are we?


Ediciones Certeza Unida strives to serve students, leaders and the Spanish speaking church by means of solid Christian literature that takes the Bible and reality seriously, helps people connect both under the Lordship of Christ, and promotes witness of Him in the university world and beyond.

We seek to publish, with excellency and profit, high quality books of intercontinental reach.


Ediciones Certeza Unida is the publishing house of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in the Spanish speaking world.

We share with the IFES its confession of faith, its interdenominational character and its stress on the autonomy and initiative of the member movements.

'Certeza' can be translated 'Certainty' and has led many to ask about the relevance of a name like ours at a time in which the only truth for many is that there is no truth. Why have we retained the name 'Certeza' that we held in our beginnings, back in 1958, even through changes of leadership, structure and location? Because we believe in the Truth that is not only knowable but that knows us. Because our certainty is based, not on a conglomerate of changing ideas, feelings or experiences, but on a Person. Because we recognize that Truth is not ours but that, rather, we belong to Him because God has created and re-created us. Certeza exists because of and for that Truth. Because our world needs to know and be known by Jesus Christ.

'Unida' (united) describes our cooperative nature. We operate as a joint venture of the publishing houses of the Spanish speaking IFES movements – currently Certeza Argentina, Lámpara (Bolivia), Andamio (Spain) and Puma (Peru). Our team is made up by people of varied experience, geographic and cultural background. Our cooperative sale and distribution system helps our books reach the people they were published for.


Some of our more recent titles: The message of Romans, by Stott; Making life work, by Hybells; Así leo la Biblia (This is how I read the Bible), by Atiencia, Escobar and Stott; No teman – Jesucristo tiene la última palabra (Do not fear – Jesus has the last word – A study on Revelation), by Atiencia and Machado. In preparation: Cómo comprender la Misión and La Chispa y la Llama by Escobar.

Among others on our backlist: Nuevo Diccionario Bíblico Certeza, Second Ed.; Out of the Saltshaker, Second Ed., Pippert; By Stott, The Cross of Christ, The Sermon on the Mount – Christian Counterculture, Basic Christianity; The Message of Acts.

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